The Numbers Spreadsheet

I found that calculating our monthly numbers (with all those subtotals, totals, percents and variances) took me hours, was likely to have mistakes, and was really a pain in the posterior. In 1995 I decided to build a spreadsheet that not only computed all the numbers that were in the Trend Indicators, but also the variance amounts and variance percents for both the monthly numbers and the year to date numbers. Since then, the spreadsheet has grown and matured and the current version provides you with the information you need to effectively manage your practice without spending an inordinate amount of time beating on a calculator.

The latest version of the Numbers Spreadsheet includes many suggestions from the offices around the country using the spreadsheet, and the results are phenomenal. The Numbers Spreadsheet provides:
  • Complete annual plan
  • Variance information in both dollars and percents for each month and year to date
  • Color coded fields to simplify the entering of information (the annual plan fields are purple and the monthly actual fields are green)
  • More indicators than you ever wanted (5 pages each month)
    • Production Analysis for up to 3 Doctors and 5 Hygienists
    • Collections Analysis and Profitability Indicators
    • STMP and Patient analysis fields
    • Case acceptance indicators
    • Percent of production as well as percent of collection information
    • Daily expense indicators and new break even point information
    • and more!
  • Customizable to fit your practice
  • Areas to describe your monthly successes and concerns
  • Year at a glance overview with new YTD averages and hygiene department analysis section
  • Production, collection, and expense graph
  • On-line documentation
  • Unlimited telephone technical support
I am offering this exceptional spreadsheet for $595. Imagine how you’ll spend the time that you’re now spending on doing the calculations. Before you have another month of frustration doing your numbers, order your copy and start thinking of that extra time.

Demo Overview and Description:
This 3 month demo spreadsheet is a working copy of the Numbers Worksheet, except that you can only enter actual numbers in the first three months. This way you can start developing your annual plan and see how easy it is to enter the monthly actuals. Remember, though, that any numbers you enter into this demo will have to be re-entered into your real Numbers Spreadsheet.

The Numbers Spreadsheet is made up of 15 'sheets'. The first 12 represent the months of the year, the 13th is a year at a glance overview, the 14th is for control and budget information, and the 15th contains the system documentation.

Most of the fields or cells in this spreadsheet are protected so that you can not accidentally change them. The fields where you enter your numbers are either purple (annual plan) or green (monthly actuals). Each of the monthly sheets has two sides, the current month side (left) and the year to date side (right). You enter the monthly data in the green fields and the computer calculates the rest of the numbers for you!

To install the demo product:
  1. Click Download Demo Now (below)
  2. Excel will automatically open
  3. You may get 2 warnings when you open the spreadsheet:
    • The first message warns you that the workbook contains macros, click "enable macros"
    • The second message tells you about editing Visual Basic Macro Modules, select "OK" to ignore this message
  4. Go to the "Notes" Sheet. Please print and read the system documentation
  5. Save the demo to your hard drive

Download Demo Now (1.3 MB)

If you have any questions, please email Charlie Kleiman and Dental Computer Systems Integration at chk @ and remember, your numbers are your friends!

Small print:
The Trend Indicators were developed by the Pride Institute for their client doctors and I do not take any credit for their excellent tools. This spreadsheet has not been endorsed by Dr. Pride nor the Pride Institute. I am not affiliated with the Pride Institute, but we were clients for over 7 years. This spreadsheet requires Excel 97 or newer. This spreadsheet is copyrighted by Charles Kleiman and is licensed for your sole use. Additional services and custom modifications are available at my regular consulting rate. If within the first 30 days, you are not completely satisfied with the spreadsheet, I will promptly refund your money.
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