Clean the dust bunnies from your computer

Computers give off lots of heat. Dust bunnies, those gray fuzzy creatures that normally hide in the dark recesses of your office, sometimes hide inside your computer or printer. They could be clogging an air vent, choking the power supply, or smothering the memory chips. When that happens, your computer starts running hot and you might get an unexplained memory error or your computer just plain stops. If you turn off your computer for 15 minutes, and it works fine for a while and then the same thing happens, you may have a family of dust bunnies.

To keep the dust bunnies from getting inside your computer or printer (especially if it's on the floor) vacuum around and behind it once a month. But it's also easy to get rid of the dust bunnies once they're inside your computer, you just need to be careful.

All you need is a screwdriver, a can of compressed air, and a vacuum cleaner. Clean the area around the computer to give yourself plenty of room, unplug the computer and open the case. To dissipate any static electricity, which can easily fry any of the components, touch the power supply or chassis with your finger tips. Then carefully blow and suck the culprits away, especially around the front air vents.
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