DCSI - the experts in dental computing and treatment room technology.

Charles Kleiman is the owner and principal of DCSI. Charlie graduated from the School of Architecture, Rice University, Houston, Texas in 1976. He can't believe that he has over 30 years of computer experience. He spent over 20 years writing software and designing computer systems for large, multi-national corporations. And he has been installing computer systems in dental offices for more than 15 years. He has been married to Dr. Dorothy Slattery, a fabulous restorative dentist, since 1991. Charlie started DCSI in 1997. In his spare time he loves riding his bicycle, motorcycle, remodeling houses, and sculpting in alabaster and marble.

DCSI is the acronym for Dental Computer Systems Integration. We integrate the disparate computer hardware and software into effective tools that enhances our client's practices and makes them more productive.

We understand the business of dentistry. We are the experts in dental computer systems and specialize in computers in the operatories/treatment rooms.

DCSI works exclusively for dentists, representing their best interests. We take no commissions, referral fees, or other remuneration from any vendor, supplier, or other business partners. We choose to remain that way so that we can provide the absolute best, unbiased information and recommendations to our clients.

We help our clients select the appropriate practice management, imaging, charting, progress notes, and voice recognition software; as well as computers, monitors, touch and pointing devices, printers, scanners, cameras, digital radiography, and everything related to computer technology.

We understand the workflow, ergonomics, infection control, privacy, and change acceptance issues of our dentists. We work with our clients to determine the ideal placement of computers, monitors, printers, and other peripheral devices in their offices, reflecting the manner and style in which they (would like to) practice.

We acquire all computer and related equipment and have it delivered to our facilities. There we configure, load, test and burn-in all of the components. When everything is working to our complete satisfaction, we deliver and install everything to the client's office, integrating the new equipment with any existing components, minimizing the impact on the practice and production.

We train our clients and their staff to use the new hardware and software and are always available to resolve any problems or issues that may arise.

We also spend a significant amount of time keeping up with the computer, dental and dental computer markets. We work very hard to be the premier source of the best and most current hardware, services, and information available for our client dentists.

We are strongly committed to providing our services and operations in an environmentally sound and responsible manner. That commitment to the environment is deeply ingrained in our core values. We donate all old computer equipment to organizations that rebuild and refurbish the equipment in training programs that provide hands on skills in computer repair and renovation. These organizations then give the recycled computers to schools and non-profit organizations. Since computers and monitors contain toxic elements, those items that cannot be reused are disposed of in accordance with EPA regulations.


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May 2011     DCSI become an authorized Dell Partner.

July 2011     Charlie celebrated his 20th wedding anniversary.

October 2011     dcsi celebrates its 14th anniversary.

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